Blessed Ones

  • An RPG in a home brewed engine, allowing for vast party customization and in depth nuanced skills!
  • Strategic, turn-based gameplay! We promise. Well, YMMV.
  • No random encounters! Only scripted fights or carefully placed monster groups, and plenty of optional bosses!
  • Six classes, each with ten skills to learn and master! At least one will kill you!
  • Over several million or some obscene number of potential party builds!
  • A significant percentage of those are extremely fun to play with!
  • Dungeons to crawl that aren’t boring grey literal dungeons!
  • Actually there’s one boring grey literal dungeon.
  • Talking wolves!
  • Play a pig! Play a princess! Save a pig princess! Or don’t. It’s up to you!
  • And a NEW car! (Actual game takes place approximately 100 years before cars were invented. Also, on a different planet.)

Buy Blessed Ones on Steam!


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Idiosyncratic game developers from Denver, CO